Better Information
Convenient for you and your Patients
Improved Communication
Privacy and Security
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Better Information
Your Existing Forms - Online:

You and your staff can quickly convert all of your existing paper forms using our custom form builder - or to save time, choose from our extensive library of forms, tailored to each individual specialty.

Our forms are easy to use and easy to edit. They even have places for your personal practice information, financial agreements and signature lines.

As for the old forms, recycle them. Once you've built/selected your own myhELO forms and attached them to your account, you can download your own blank copies to print out as needed for paper registrations. The forms will be an identical copy in format to the myhELO registrations that you'll receive.

Insurance Eligibility Verification:

We offer full insurance benefit verification for 75-80% of the typical patient mix and we're adding more every day. When a patient submits a registration with myhELO, the insurance is verified with the carrier and all the corresponding information (co-pay, deductible, etc.) can be viewed by the provider.

Having this information helps clinics to collect co-pays more accurately and prevents billing errors associated with incorrect insurance information. Insurance coverage can be complicated and confusing to patients; myhELO helps simplify the process for all involved.

*Coming Soon

Accurate Medication Lists:

myhELO guides patients through detailing current medications and dosage, helping to ensure that providers receive the most accurate information.

Meaningful Use 2.0:

myhELO offers certified Meaningful Use.

Patient-Owned Portal:

With myhELO, patients are provided with their own portal that exchanges information with ANY provider. By giving patients control, this reduces duplication, allowing providers to collect more accurate information, not to mention significantly reducing the workload on both ends.

For example, if a patient is asked in Provider A's myhELO form for all past surgeries/procedures and one week later, asked the same question by Provider B, the answer will automatically populate so the patient won't have to answer twice. Patients can always go back and easily update information as needed. The idea is that no question should have to be answered multiple times, unless, of course, it changes; the information is saved and becomes part of the patient's secure health record.

Convenient for you and your patients
EHR Integration:

myhELO information can be sent to PMs, EHRs, HISs, Labs, etc., all from a single patient encounter. We have partnered with numerous systems to provide seamless integration.

Receiving the data:

Every provider gets their own myhELO login which will contain all of the submitted registrations. The visit data is organized into an inbox like section that can be sorted according to the office staff's choosing. Registrations and associated information can be viewed on the screen, printed or downloaded in a variety of formats.

If your practice is using one of the myhELO endorsed software systems, there is an option for direct import of the data. myhELO provides standard HL7 outbound information feeds for compliant systems. We've interfaced with several different environments and can likely find a solution to yours as well.

Universal Account:

myhELO differs from other online registration systems in that it provides a universal record that resides with the patient. The patient can keep up-to-date registration information in a single location, sending the same information to any provider he/she sees instead of creating one for each practice.

With all patient information prepared ahead of time, this ensures greater accuracy and efficiency for you, the provider.

Kiosk Mode:

We are now offering myhELO Kiosk Mode. You can easily set up a kiosk station in your office with myhELO for those few patients who forgot to register ahead of time. This can be as inexpensive as you would like it to be (unlike many of the costly kiosk stations that you hear about today). All you need is an old computer and you can create your very own myhELO Kiosk Station at your office.

*Coming Soon

Branded Site:

If you like the benefits of myhELO but are still concerned that patients will be going to instead of your own website, we offer you the ability to setup a custom branded myhELO landing page at no cost.

We give you a sub domain of your choosing, like ',' that will contain your practice name and will have a filtered listing of only your providers. You can point patients directly here, put a link on your own website or incorporate it into yours.

Improved Communication
Email Registration/Appointment Reminders:

While scheduling a patient to be seen, your office can use myhELO's simple invitation tool to send appointment information (date, time, location, details, etc.) in an email directly to the patient. The email will have a link that directs the patient right to your custom myhELO site, pre-populating the patient's appointment information, making the process for them as simple as possible.

Additionally, the invitation can contain all the relevant information requested by your office (pre-assessment forms, special instructions, etc.) along with a calendar appointment that can import directly into your patients favorite calendar program (Outlook, Gmail, iCal, etc.).

Our studies have shown that with practices currently using myhELO, patients are eager to take advantage of such a simple, free service. In fact, initially, more than 70% of patients are completing all registration and pre-assessment forms for their upcoming visit online after receiving a myhELO invite from their doctor. This significantly reduces the workload on front desk staffs, as well as patients, it's a win-win.

myhELO Chat/Messaging:

Making an appointment or getting in touch with a busy physician office often begins with leaving a voicemail. Using voicemail as a catch-all for your patients is a bit antiquated. At myhELO, we're trying a different approach - an easy online chat system that any doctor's office can provide for their patients.

Once a physician's office logs into myhELO's chat tool, patients can open up a quick and simple instant message window right inside of their myhELO account. Requesting and confirming an appointment can be done from any PC without picking up the phone. Patients will queue up for your staff to answer in an orderly fashion.

If desired, patients can send secure, offline messages to your office via myhELO for things like prescription refills and follow-up questions. Options for patients create opportunities for your practice.

*Coming Soon

Privacy and Security
Ensuring your privacy:

At myhELO, we greatly value privacy and the security of your information. myhELO could not exist without privacy and security being our number one priority. The myhELO Concept reduces your liability because patients are in direct control of their information.

Patient information is always encrypted and only accessible by the patient and the people they choose to share it with. We have taken the highest measures to ensure the security of your personal information.

In addition, we will not spam or call your patients and we will not sell their information to third parties.

All Data Secured On-Shore:

All of our programs, servers and staff are housed in our own secure building in the United States. We pledge to never send your information or any of our work overseas.